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UK snow foreceast: Whole country faces complete blanket of snow THIS month – new maps | Weather | News

According to graphs, an ice-cold weather front is set to hit the UK on January 19. These ice-cold temperatures will intensify before leading to potential snow showers across the country on January 24. On January 24, charts show snow probability reaching between 50-60 percent in the Highlands of Scotland.

Outside of the Highlands, snow probability levels range between 35-40 percent.

In the north of England, snow probability levels will range between 25-30 percent.

In the Midlands and southern England, it reaches 20 percent in certain areas around Birmingham and in parts of East Anglia.

In further graphs from WXCharts, temperatures across the country will drop to freezing on January 24.

In the early part of January 24, for parts of the Midlands, the southeast, northern England and Scotland will fall to 0C.

The southwest of England, Wales and areas of the Midlands, such as Birmingham will see the mercury drop to -1C on January 24.

These ice-cold temperatures will remain for large parts of the day, although parts of Wales will drop to -2C at 12pm on January 24.

These conditions will continue throughout the week and hit a peak on January 27.

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For the period between, January 17-23, it states: “Next week low pressure is most likely from Scandinavia to eastern Europe with high pressure over western Europe.

“The high may become centred over the UK at times bringing a wetter and windier pattern to northern areas.

“Monday should be dry and settled over Northern Ireland, Wales and England. Fog is possible. Scotland will have occasional outbreaks of rain.

“Tuesday starts with a similar pattern but a more organised band of rain may move across Northern Ireland and Scotland later in the day.

“Wednesday continues with the drier, settled weather south of northern England. Thursday may see some drier conditions for Scotland and Northern Ireland.

“The settled conditions may persist into the weekend although some weather systems could clip the far north of the country.

“Temperatures next week should be around 1C above average.

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