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Brexit LIVE: Sturgeon to open more Scottish hubs in Europe in desperate post-Brexit plan | UK | News

Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the right-leaning Bow Group think tank, has told the Express that the UK Government has taken a “naive approach” to renegotiations of the Northern Ireland Protocol so far, and was at risk of being “out-manoeuvred” by the EU.

He urged the Government to take a hard stance in negotiations.

He said: “Business in Northern Ireland and beyond has been damaged by the existing Northern Irish Protocol, but what is even worse for business is uncertainty over what the rules will be for the foreseeable future.

“Our government therefore urgently needs to provide clarity, and also resolve the unworkable status quo.”

Mr Harris-Quinney continued: “If the EU is not willing to budge on key issues like goods checks and ECJ arbitration the government should trigger Article 16 and force a conclusion, rather than allowing the status quo and negotiations to carry on indefinitely.

“The government has however taken a naive approach thus far, there is a danger of being out-manoeuvred by the EU again, and there is a risk that they have not adequately prepared or positioned themselves for the potential fallout of triggering Article 16.”


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