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Storm Arwen: Oasis tribute band and 50 punters trapped in pub by snow blizzard | UK | News

The real Gallagher brothers have made it well known that being locked in the same room with each other for five minutes could lead to a scrap. But band members and other guests at the Tan Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales appear to be getting on like a storm, despite having been trapped there since Friday.

People travelled to the remote pub, which is 1,732ft above sea level, on Friday to enjoy a performance by the Oasis tribute band “Noasis”.

But it soon became clear that they would not be leaving that night due to a Storm Arwen snow blizzard.

Makeshift beds had to be laid on the floor of the bar.

When guests woke up, most cars outside – and parts of the pub itself – were buried in snow.

Owner Mike Kenny, quoted in Manchester Evening News, said: “We recommended anyone in the pub to stay out rather than endanger life on the snow covered moors.

“No one is going anywhere yet. The police advised we all stay out for now.”

He joked: “Our snowplough is snowed in!”

One 32-year-old guest, Tom Rigby, told the paper that he had intended to visit the pub and leave the next day after staying at a nearby B&B.

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Reports suggest that entertainment has been provided by “Noasis”, as well as by a quiz and films.

Another guest, Martin Overton, quoted in the Sun, said the atmosphere was “very good”.

This may have been aided by there being “plenty of beer available”.

Patience might soon begin to wear thin, however (especially if the barrels run dry!), with guests now set to spend a third night at the Inn.

Nearby roads are still unusable, partly due to fallen power cables, according to the BBC.

Storm Arwen has caused masses of destruction across the country including three deaths.

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