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North Korea fires ‘unidentified projectile’ into sea days after escalation in missile race | World | News

South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff claims Pyongyang launched the missile on Tuesday but is at present unable to confirm what type of projectile was fired off the nation’s East coast. Seoul’s sighting has also been affirmed by the Japanese Coast Guard, according to a report in Bloomberg.

In a statement picked up by the Daily Star, the Coast Guard warned: “A potential ballistic missile was launched from North Korea.

“Vessels should pay attention to future information, and if they find a fallen object, do not approach them and report the relevant information to the Japan Coast Guard.”

Jesse Johnson from the Japan Times has also taken to Twitter to confirm the nation’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has said North Korea fired two ballistic missiles.

The launch took place on Tuesday from the port city of Sinpo.

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North Korea has reportedly fired several other missiles in recent weeks.

The announcement from Seoul comes as intelligence chiefs from Washington and Tokyo arrived at the South Korean capital to discuss the rising tensions from North Korea.

Previous talks between the US and North Korea have stalled and worsened since Kim Jong-un had his diplomatic fall-out with the then Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump.

Kim Jong-un has since rejected offers from Joe Biden’s administration to engage in talks and asked for Washington to abandon what it considers to be a “hostile policy” towards North Korea.

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North Korea, China, Russia and the United States are all said to be developing such missiles.

A report in the Financial Times, which is based on claims made by five unnamed sources, has revealed Beijing’s rocket only missed its eventual target by two dozen miles.

China has denied it launched a hypersonic missile and instead claimed it was conducting tests on a spacecraft.

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