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Covid chaos: Doctor demands end to mass testing at schools – ‘Unnecessary chaos!’ | UK | News

Dr Camilla Kingdon, the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health president, told the Telegraph the current two lateral flow tests per week regime should be scrapped. Ms Kingdon said: “You are asking completely healthy children to test, with the potential to be excluded [from school], there is just a real concern that we are increasing a level of chaos into the system that is unnecessary.”

While schools across England continue to mandate two lateral flow tests per week, they dropped virtually all other Covid-restrictions in July.

However, with cases on the rise, many expect measures to be reintroduced to ensure pupils stay at home if their sibling has contracted the virus.

The Office for National Statistics has revealed while cases among people in year 12 or older remain stable, the number of schoolchildren in years 7 to 11 contracting COVID-19 has risen.

The MailOnline adds children aged 10 to 14 had their highest infection rate in England in the week leading up to October 12, with the country recording 1,647 cases per 100,000 people.

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Recent data has also revealed over 200,000 students, which equates to around one in 40 pupils, had COVID-19 related absences from school in the last week of September.

Ex-Conservative Party leader Iain Duncan-Smith has put pressure on the Government to “rethink” its “panicked policy on schools”.

He has since been joined by three more Tory MPs who have challenged the Government’s testing plans.

Penistone and Stocksbridge MP Miriam Cates told the broadsheet mass testing was “just another example of treating children as second class citizens”.

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Karl McCartney, MP for Lincoln, also told the Telegraph: “More and more parents across the country are beginning to say that it’s not a nice thing to have to do and certainly not twice a week.

“It’s an imposition on their lives and freedoms, and it’s treating them differently to adults.”

A Government spokesperson has told the Telegraph mass testing in school was under review as part of the Winter Plan.

The review concluded it was a “valuable tool in minimising disruption” and will remain in use until the Christmas holidays.

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