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Meta: Half a million households missing out on free TV licence – how to claim | Personal Finance | Finance

Poverty charity Turn2Us says its figures show approximately 589,000 people are not claiming their free TV licence, which is little surprise as £15 billion worth of benefits goes unclaimed in the UK every year.

The decision to scrap the free licence for all over 75s came into force in August 2020 but some over 75s can still claim it.

The cost of the licence is waived if someone is at least 75 years old and receiving Pension Credit.

The free TV licence will also cover anyone else the claimant lives with, no matter what age they are.

People who are blind or who have a severe sight-impairment can also claim a 50 percent reduction on the cost of their licence.

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Sonya Ruparel, Director of Programmes and Partnerships at poverty charity Turn2us, said the older generation are the ones missing out the most.

“There is an endemic issue of unclaimed benefits in the UK.

“The confusing, sometimes hostile, and often stigmatising world of social security has led to millions of people not claiming their entitlements.

“It is so important for people to check. We urge everyone to do a benefit calculation every six months as part of a regular financial health check.”

Meanwhile fears are growing that the BBC is about to ramp up the pressure on pensioners who haven’t paid the TV licence fee since August 2020.

It’s thought there are 260,000 households who are either refusing to pay or not aware that they are supposed to.

Many of these households will contain people in their 80s and 90s living with dementia or other serious health conditions, who had previously received free licences for many years.

Campaigner and Silver Voices director Dennis Reed has asked the culture minister for a meeting in a bid to prevent people in their 80s and 90s from going to prison.

Meanwhile, if Freeview is down for a certain period of time, people might be able to claim a refund.

The reminder comes after viewers in the North East of England were recently left without a signal following a fire at a transmitter in North Yorkshire.

Anyone who has been unable to receive Freeview TV coverage for more than a month can claim a partial refund.

In fact anyone who has had problems could contact TV Licensing for a refund if they haven’t been able to access BBC iPlayer or any live TV in any other way.

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