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La Palma volcano LIVE: ‘No sign of end’ new earthquakes spark fears eruption ‘recharging’ | World | News

The world has spent much of the past 26 days mesmerised by the roaring, lava ejecting volcano in La Palma. But why does it make this sound?

Nieves Sánchez, a researcher from Spain’s Geology and Mining Institute (IGME-CISC), explained: “It’s as if the volcano is choking.

“The gas comes out of the main cone vent at the top, the lava comes out of the lower vents, very fluid.

“The sound we hear is the degassing of the magma.

“Every time this happens, pyroclasts come out very violently. Some fall a kilometre or two away from the crater, but others fall back into the crater and block it.

“Each time the gas comes out again, it has to push the plug, and in doing so, the tremendous explosions and pyroclastic fallout occur.”

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