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Meghan Markle: Duchess uses power suits to give her a ‘spotlight’ – ‘she’s got work to do’

The Duchess of Sussex appeared on the cover of Time Magazine in a trouser suit, and also visited New York on Thursday with her husband Prince Harry in a black trouser suit ensemble. Meghan has also been known to wear jewellery that provides special powers and radiates powerful energy. Hair and aesthetics experts at Vera Clinic analysed monthly search volume and discovered that ‘Meghan Markle suit’ has 37,000 average monthly searches.

This, in comparison to ‘Kate Middleton suit’ which only had a mere 230, was very impressive.

Abbey Booth, the founder of ‘Stories With Clothes’, spoke exclusively to about Meghan’s power suits and the messaging behind them.

Abbey said: “Meghan Markle is fond of tailoring, preferring chic, elegant styles which evoke her classic style personality.

“In the last few years, she has experimented with more free-flowing pieces including floral prints and embellishments signifying her new life and freedom from the constraints of being a working royal.

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“For her Time cover with Harry, who wore black, [Meghan took] the spotlight as she chose to wear an all-white outfit, a shirt with sleeves rolled up saying she’s got work to do.

“Yet it also relaxes the shape of a shirt so it’s a powerful, significant choice to pair it with white trousers as a one-colour outfit is much more prominent, yet also nodding to their newfound freedom.

“White signifies peace, calm and purity perhaps representing their humanitarian interests, so it’s interesting to see her standing in front of Harry, with her hands touching and direct gaze.

“Meghan’s outfit represents 2021 life with relaxed tailoring on-trend for autumn in keeping with our new lifestyles after lockdown where many of us questioned the 9-5PM and the endless commutes.


“So many businesses have relaxed their dress codes and more people are able to work from home or flexibly so this trend represents a new way of living and working.

“The Duchess is also wearing the gold Cartier Tank Francaise watch that belonged to the Princess of Wales.

“She definitely prefers more simple outfits and separates she can use again in beautifully tailored styles and colours which suit her skin tone such as khaki, creams and warm nudes, rich browns and teals.

“She favoured these simpler styles when part of the Royal Family and tended to steer clear of prints and too many embellishments.

“This was unlike Kate who favours feminine often delicate styles and traditional ballgowns for state events which are perfectly in keeping with her more senior role within the Royal Family.”

Charlotte White, head of design at Europe’s largest online diamond jeweller 77 Diamonds, also exclusively spoke to about Meghan Markle’s jewellery and the powerful symbolism behind it.

Charlotte said: “The Duchess of Sussex is often seen to be paying tribute to strong women through her choice in jewellery, not least through her engagement ring which features two diamonds from Princess Diana’s personal collection.

“She too is often photographed wearing pieces from female-owned businesses which seek to create positive change to women’s lives.

“Earlier this year, Meghan was spotted wearing Awe’s Woman Power Necklace which is a female-founded and family-run business.

“It also donates 20 percent of its sales from every purchase to support women in need through their donations to organisations such as CancerCare.

“Most recently, Meghan has been photographed sporting a Shiffon Duet Pinky Ring whose brand ethos aligns with her continued efforts to support female empowerment, including through her recently created 40×40 Initiative.

“Shiffon is known for using ethically sourced jewels and dedicates half of its profits towards funding and supporting female entrepreneurs with the Duet Pinky Ring said to represent one woman supporting another.”

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