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Freddie Mercury: Who did the Queen star write Love of My Life for? | Music | Entertainment

Freddie and Mary split up in 1976 and she later confessed she had suspected he was seeing another woman. In fact, Freddie started dating David Minns, an American music executive with Elektra Records, in 1975.

Although they had to hide their relationship from the public, Freddie bought them an apartment to live in together. Postcards the Queen star sent his lover whenever he was away on tour reveal the depth of his passion and devotion. 

In one, he wrote: “My dearest and precious cherub, I thought I’d finally get it together and write you my first little card.

“Hope all’s going well with you and go easy on those business lunches or you’re going to burst before I can get back to you. You’re going to get into one of my coat-suits if it kills you (probably will).

“I can’t wait to get back. Love you and miss you madly. My love to everyone back home and take special care of yourself, my dear. Oodles of love and kisses.”

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