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Woman explains how she and her nan, 92, saved a huge £1,789 with ‘minimal effort’ | Personal Finance | Finance

It’s not just switching tariffs which has saved Madeleine and her nan money. In fact, the 22-year-old and her mum Deborah have made their own natural skin care products, enabling to cut outgoings by hundreds of pounds.

Having previously spent £600 a year on skin care, she now only spends £250 – meaning she saves a total of £350 each year.

“Even the ethical companies who sell really pure skin products can cost a lot of money,” Madeleine said. “I used to spend a fortune on various creams, face masks and toners from all the big brands, but when you read the ingredients, there’s often many things you can buy for much cheaper while reusing the same containers.

“My mum and I use natural ingredients like avocado oil and wheat germ oil to make our own lotions, French clay to make face masks and Himalaian salt to make body scrubs too.”

She also ditched buying brand new clothes online, where she used to spend £115, instead opting for pre-loved options on eBay and depop as well as at charity shops, Madeleine has managed to save around £70 a month.

“I bought a lot of fast fashion when I was 17, until one day when I was trying to shove all the non recyclable plastic into the bin and I realised how much there was. I was a bit appalled with myself.

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