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Obama slammed for crowdfunding ‘shrine’ while planning multi-million pound birthday party | World | News

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reflected on the backlash ex-President Barack Obama faced over hosting a large gathering for his lavish 60th birthday party. Many criticised Mr Obama for inviting as many as 500 guests, including friends, family, celebrities and associated to his $15m sea-fronted property at Martha’s Vineyard. The former President has since announced that he will be massively scaling back the massive party due to coronavirus concerns. 

A spokeswoman for the former president, Hannah Hankins, said on Wednesday morning: “Due to the new spread of the Delta variant over the past week, the President and Mrs Obama have decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends.”

However, Mr Carlson argued that while the Obama’s are scaling back this celebration they are still asking for money to contribute to a “shrine” dedicated to him. 

The Fox host referenced a tweet made by Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett that called on people to donate 6$, 60$ or 600$ to ” help bring Obama Presidential Center to life.

The Barack Obama Presidential Center is a planned architectural project overseen by the nonprofit Obama Foundation to commemorate the presidency of Barack Obama

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In the tweet, Ms Jarrett wrote on Tuesday: “My dear friend Barack Obama is turning 60 tomorrow.

“For his birthday gift, I’m asking you to chip in $6 or $60 to help us bring the Obama Presidential Center to life in Chicago.”

It then had a link to the donation page with the hashtag #HappyBdayObama.

The donation page reinforced a similar message and read: “Help us make President Obama’s 60th birthday the most special one yet by donating $6, $60, $600 or an amount of your choosing to help bring the Obama Presidential Center to life on the South Side of Chicago and fuel our work to support emerging leaders around the world.

“The idea was that you are just a private citizen, you go serve in public office and then you go back to your private life.

“You don’t need a shrine to your existence.”

He added: “What Obama is doing is unprecedented, not only is it so grandiose in size, so much bigger than anyone else.

“But it has four different buildings and a 245-foot museum tower in his honour, not even a Roman emperor would do that.

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