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Premium Bonds: Agent Million lifts the lid on ‘memorable’ prize winners – results released | Personal Finance | Finance

“Their daughter was struggling financially, and the couple made the decision to cash in their Premium Bonds to help her out.

“Of course, my visit to them, once everything was sorted out, allowed them to support their daughter, keep their savings and secure their own future. Everyone in that case was absolutely over the moon with the win.”

A final story from Agent Million showed it is not just the value of the prize alone which is important to people.

In fact, many Britons are simply delighted to share in the good news and euphoria about the win itself.

Agent Million continued: “I do remember a lady calling who had received a claim form for a £50,000 prize from Premium Bonds.

“She was absolutely delighted, but what she was more excited to let us know was that her daughter had won a prize for £500 in the same month.

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