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Australia warned to ramp up war defences as US unable to stop China ‘We’re not prepared!’ | World | News

Liberal senator and former major general Jim Molan said Australia is “not prepared at all” to fight a war in the Pacific against China as tensions between the two nations ramp up. But while some politicians have banked on the US to step in and resolve issues between the two countries should violence occur, Mr Molan revealed America said it was not “confident” it could resolve a “Taiwan scenario”. China has ramped up its war games against Taiwan and the US with some believing a war over Taiwan is “inevitable” with Australia, which has close political and economic ties with the region, being roped into the conflict.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, Mr Molan called for Australia to ramp up its defences over fears war could break out in the Pacific. 

He told the programme: “I’m not a believer that the Chinese nation will get on 500 ships and come down and invade Australia in the first instance – the big target for China is the US.

“What worries me is that if China finally does move on Taiwan, the US has indicated it has no confidence that, after war game after war game and we got one more from Secretary Austin today.

“They indicate the Americans can’t deal with a Taiwan scenario with confidence, we’ve got to look after ourselves and it’s about time we started.”

Mr Molan was then asked if he, like others, thinks war is “inevitable” as tensions rise between the US and Taiwan. 

But the former army man was most worried about the conflict not arising with the US taking a back seat on Chinese aggression.

He added: “It’s likely and becoming more likely because so much is going on but it is not inevitable.

“My fear is that a war between China and the US may occur and we get caught in collateral damage or even more frightening the US – because it hasn’t won a war game in the last couple of years over a Taiwan scenario – is that they don’t engage and Taiwan falls.

“No one’s going to invade Australia, no one’s going to be coming through the Sydney head with combat troops.

“All [China] is going to do is just choke Australia by blocking the sea lanes and communication and Australia will die a long lingering death.”

The relationship between China and Australia began to severely downturn when Australia pushed for the World Health Organisation to hold a “robust” investigation into China and the original coronavirus.

What followed were tariffs on Australian wine and goods which have crippled manufacturers in Australia who see a large number of exports to China.

The two sides also fell out when Australia banned the rollout of Huawei which China says is the result of American interference.

However, issues surrounding Taiwan and China’s ramping up of military exercises and stockpiles which could potentially target the region and the US has severely damaged relations between those involved.

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