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Kate Middleton: The Duchess has borrowed £2m worth of Queen’s jewellery

Queens and Princesses are expected to be adorned in the finest, bespoke jewels. Austen and Blake, a luxury jewellery company and diamond specialists, have given an estimated price to some historic royal jewels that have reappeared on Kate Middleton. These historic jewels are all part of the Queen’s expensive jewellery collection, which she will often loan to other female members of the Royal Family for special occasions.

This was a very generous loan from the Queen and goes to show how much she respects the Duchess by gifting her such a precious royal artifact.

Queen Alexandra’s Wedding necklace is made up of eight large pearls surrounded by diamonds and is connected by diamond festoons with drop pearls hanging from the central clusters.

Diamond specialists at Austen and Blake have valued this spectacular piece at around £860,000.

Whilst this may seem pricey, it is far from the most expensive piece of Queen Elizabeth’s royal jewellery collection.


Queen Marys Lover’s Knot Tiara – Worn by Kate Middleton:

This tiara was made in 1913 after Queen Mary had spent time admiring her aunt’s Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara.

She then ordered an exact replica to be made and is still making appearances in the Royal Family today.

This dazzler of a Tiara was passed down to Queen Elizabeth II after the passing of Queen Mary in 1953 and has since been seen on Princess Diana and Kate Middleton.

Altogether, Austen and Blake have estimated this tiara at a £1.45 million price tag.

This means Kate Middleton has access to roughly £2 million worth of the Queen’s jewellery.

As she is married to the second-in-line to the throne, Prince William, this would make sense that she has been gifted with some of the most expensive pieces of Her Majesty’s royal collection.

Kate definitely looks even more regal with the diamond pieces and once she is on the throne with her husband, she will have even more access to historic pieces of royal jewellery.

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