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Jennifer Lopez penned a raunchy song about Ben Affleck before they got back together | Music | Entertainment

This week Jennifer Lopez quashed speculation that she was dating former lover Ben when she posted a photo of herself kissing him on a boat, confirming the romance in the process. The singer posted on her Instagram account to commemorate her 52nd birthday, which she seemingly celebrated in a bikini on a private boat. To honour the reignition of the Bennifer flame, it is apt to take another look at the saucy track Jennifer wrote about Ben back in 2002.


In the early 2000s, Bennifer rocked showbiz magazines with their all-out love affair before they split in 2004.

Their passion was never again as primal as it was on Jennifer’s third studio album, This Is Me… Then.

The 2002 record was overall a smash hit, reaching number two in the UK and USA album charts, and selling more than 6 million units worldwide.

With singles such as Jenny From The Block, All I Have, I’m Glad and Baby I Love U! it’s no wonder she found success.

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Nestled within the tracklisting, however, was a love story penned by Jennifer herself called Dear Ben.

The touching song tells of Jennifer’s desire for Ben while simultaneously being enamoured by him.

During the song, she croons: “You’re perfect / I just can’t control myself / I can’t be with no one else / Seems I’m addicted to the way you like to touch me.”

Jennifer wrote: “All of my albums are very special to me, but This Is Me… Then is my favourite album I’ve ever done…so far!

I know a lot of you have heard me say that before, so in honour of my #JLovers helping it re-enter the album charts AGAIN after 19 years… here is a lil #TBT #ThisIsMeThen.” (sic)

She followed the tribute up with a collection of clips from the album’s era.

Jennifer has also been teasing the media of late after posing with Ben on the aforementioned boat.

During a photo opportunity, Ben can be seen clasping at Jennifer’s derriere.

This exact pose and action is a direct reference to Jennifer’s music video for Jenny From The Block.

During the music video, Ben does the same thing, poking fun at themselves 20 years ago.

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