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Amazon Bitcoin payment: Can you pay Amazon with Bitcoin? | City & Business | Finance

Bitcoin hit headlines today, as its price recovered from a brief pitfall earlier last week. Cryptocurrency sites currently show its value at $39,820 (£28,815) and rising, having grown nearly 16 percent over the last 24 hours. As many crypto enthusiasts will know, Bitcoin won’t rise without provocation, and this time did so on the back of Amazon.

Can you pay Amazon with Bitcoin?

Amazon is one of the only trillion-dollar companies in the world and the most valuable online retailer.

Naturally, it has introduced many potential ways to pay, but Bitcoin is not currently among them.

However, a recent advert has kicked the rumour mill into overdrive, fuelling Bitcoin’s latest flight “to the Moon”.

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He has provided bullish backing to Dogecoin (DOGE), a “meme” currency developers created to satirise the market nearly a decade ago.

The billionaire – who is currently the second richest man in the world behind Amazon’s Mr Bezos – has shown support in his own way.

His nearly 59 million follower-strong Twitter account currently hosts scores of DOGE memes.

Mr Musk has not recently made any Tesla-related Dogecoin announcements but previously asked followers if they would like the electric car manufacturers to accept it as a payment option.

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