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Russian warship fires shot at Royal Navy ship in Black Sea – Russia-UK tensions erupt | World | News

Russian warship fires shots at Royal Navy in Black Sea

The Russian Navy intercepted the HMS Defender in the Black Sea this morning. The Black Sea Fleet in tandem with the Russian FSB Border Service stopped the destroyer according to the Russian defence ministry. The UK vessel is alleged to have crossed the Northwestern part of the Black Sea at 11.52am local time today. 

After being warned verbally to change its course, two shots were fired by Russian vessels. 

According to reports from Russia, these shots were ignored forcing Vladimir Putin’s Su-24M aircraft to perform a preventative bombing run. 

The bombs were dropped ahead of the destroyer and its course. 

According to the Russian defence ministry, four high explosive bombs were dropped as a warning to the UK destroyer. 


A Russian ship has fired a shell at a Royal Navy vessels (Image: GETTY)

Russia news

Russia news The ship was allegedly warned to change course (Image: GETTY)

The UK vessel left soon after the incident, the defence ministry added.

The Russian Defence Ministry has said: “The destroyer was warned in advance that weapons would be fired in case of a violation of the Russian state border. It disregarded the warning.

“As a result of joint actions of the Black Sea Fleet and the Border Service of the Russian Federal Security Service, HMS Defender left the territorial sea of the Russian Federation at 12.23pm.”

Following the incident, the British military attache has been summoned to, Russian media outlets have reported. 

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Russia news

Russia news: A stock photo of a Russian vessel (Image: GETTY)

The Ministry of Defence has been approached for comment by 

It is thought the UK vessel entered the waters around Cape Fiolent in the south of Ukraine, thus causing the encounter. 

Although Russian forces ordered the vessel to leave the waters, the UK and its allies do not recognise Crimea as Russian territory. 

Earlier this year, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab claimed the UK will be at the forefront of international efforts to end Russia’s control of the Crimean Peninsula. 

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Russian news

Russia news: A stock photo of the HMS Defender (Image: GETTY)


Russia news: Dominic Raab claimed the UK will support efforts against the illegal occupation of the Crimea (Image: GETTY)

Mr Raab said in February: “The UK stands with Ukraine against the illegal annexation of Crimea and we will continue supporting those whose lives have been impacted by Russia’s illegitimate aggression.

“Russia is trying to cover up its human rights abuses by preventing access to Crimea for international monitors.

“But we will work closely with the UN and international partners to ensure Russia is held to account.”

The HMS Defender is part of the UK’s new flagship carrier group.


Russia news: NATO defence expenditure (Image: Express)

The nine-vessel carrier strike group departed in May and will be deployed throughout the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean and on to the Indo-Pacific. 

The HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier was also part of the group and was also accompanied by the HMS Diamond, Type 23 anti-submarine frigates HMS Kent and HMS Richmond, and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s RFA Fort Victoria and RFA Tidespring.

Russia news

Russia news: A stock photo of the HMS Dragon (Image: GETTY)

Earlier this year, the Russian government also claimed it had expelled the HMS Dragon from the Black Sea. 

They claimed the ship was confronted in October last year before it was driven out. 

Vladimir Kulishov, first deputy head of the FSB security service, said: “The warship was driven out into neutral waters by the joint action of the Russian navy and air force.”

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