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Goldsmiths: Headteacher slams uni for ‘racial trauma’ excuse | UK | News

Katharine Birbalsingh, the founder and headteacher of Michaela Community School, has lashed out at Goldsmiths University for allowing students to apply for assignment extensions if they have been a victim of racial trauma. Evidence does not have to be provided and will be assessed through a self-certification process and by the university. Speaking to GB News, Ms Birbalsingh said: “It’s always been the cases that people can put off their exams, it’s not impossible and for very special circumstances.

“It’s just this weird category that has come out now called racial trauma because then you think what does that mean exactly?

“I’d love to have a definition of that, what it means and who it applies to. Can anyone suffer from racial trauma or are there only certain races that can do so?

“That’s where it gets tricky and it smacks a bit of racism.

“I wouldn’t want to say for sure because one needs to hear what they mean by racial trauma but this idea that one inherits grief from their ancestors if one is white and one inherits trauma from one’s ancestors if one is black.

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“That idea is something we should reject because we’re all just individuals.”

She added: “People are terrified of being called racist.”

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