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Elvis ex-girlfriend Linda Thompson visits The King’s humble birthplace in new pictures | Music | Entertainment

The Tupelo Elvis Festival took place in The King’s Mississippi birthplace last week, where his ex-girlfriend Linda Thompson was a judge and special guest. During her visit, the 71-year-old paid tribute to Elvis Presley by visiting the humble building he was born in. Linda shared a picture on her Instagram stories of herself sitting on the porch of the tiny shotgun house.

In another picture taken from inside, Linda pointed out the mantlepiece which had a framed photograph of a toddler Elvis with his parents Vernon and Gladys hanging above.

The Miss Tennessee model wrote: “When Elvis was born there were two little blue bottles sitting on this mantle.

“One of them inexplicably burst as Elvis’s twin died [as a stillborn].

“Vernon Presley always thought that was Jesse Garon’s spirit entering Elvis – giving him a duality of nature – and double the talent of any human being!”

Linda also shared a string of pictures from her time in Tupelo last week, including a video dancing alongside one of the many Elvis tribute artists who performed at the festival.

The 71-year-old wrote: “I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun I had this past weekend at the Tupelo Elvis festival as a judge and special guest! Alex J Mitchell was the winner!

“I was so happy to get to see the humble birthplace of Elvis, the little church where he sang as a babe, the Tupelo hardware store where he bought his first guitar, & other significant landmarks honoring the greatest entertainer ever!

“I was struck by the distinct realization that Elvis is still very much alive!”

Linda added: “[I was also honoured] to spend time with the warm and talented @vivajefflewis & Festival host Tom Brown.

“Debbie Brangenberg brought us all together and did a fantastic job as the executive director of the festival!

“Thank you to the beautiful citizens of Tupelo for your warmth and hospitality! Sending out my love to y’all….”

The 71-year-old’s trip to Elvis’ birthplace followed a return visit to Graceland, where she lived with The King for almost 5 years.

Sharing photos back at Graceland, Linda posted: “I took a walk down memory lane today at my former home, where I lived for 4 1/2 years – Graceland in Memphis.

“I also revisited the airplanes that I flew on to countless concerts all around the country with the greatest entertainer who ever lived, Elvis Presley.

“It’s surreal to remember decorating with him the legendary jungle room, stained glass peacocks in the living/music room, the fabric-covered pool room, TV room & other areas – as well as the Lisa Marie airplane.”

The Miss Tennessee model regularly posts memories and photos of The King on her Instagram.

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