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Biden’s Free Everything American Family Plan

By JD Washington

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden will finally address Congress after much delay for the first time as President. The long-awaited speech will be met with much praise from the mainstream media and the radical Left as he will pander to both in the speech. No doubt his handlers will be holding on to every word as he speaks, hoping that he keeps from making the typical Biden gaffe.

While everyone will celebrate, our nation should be in mourning as the details of the ridiculous plan he is set to announce come out. Biden will announce what he is calling the American Families Plan, but it looks more like free giveaways from the socialist wishlist.

Set to be announced is free preschool for 3 and 4-year-olds. According to the Associated Press, it would be a $200 billion package that would affect 5 million children across the country. The AP is celebrating the fact of how it will save average American families $13,000, failing to mention that the payment for this freebie will come from taxpayers. The same taxpayers are already nearly $30 trillion in debt.

Of course, the socialists like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Elizabeth Warren will celebrate. It’s supposed to be paid for with a tax hike on the wealthiest 1% of Americans, again according to the Associated Press. We have done the math, as most other conservative news outlets, and it simply does not add up. You cannot tax the wealthiest of Americans and pay for these plans.

He is also set to announce healthcare cost initiatives as part of the plan as well. The total cost of the plan will surpass $1 trillion. When combined with the infrastructure proposal, it equates to nearly $4 trillion in new spending for the federal government.

While the mainstream media will celebrate it as a Robin Hood-style move, the real move is the utter destruction that it will cause.

The wealthiest of Americans are not going to simply sit by and let Joe Biden and the radical mafia rob them blind. They will take their money, their companies, their jobs, and anything else they have and run away from the United States. It’s already started in some industries and will simply get worse.

Americans who depend on those people for jobs will be the ones left suffering. Many of them the same Americans that are supporting this radical move for free everything simply because they are lazy or believe they deserve free things from their government for simply existing.

Biden and the radical Democrats have attempted to redefine this as infrastructure as they continue to try and redefine everything we know in America these days. This is not infrastructure in the least. This is what they like to call socialism and is a stepping stone to communism.

Anyone who actually believes that we can tax enough to pay for these programs is naive. They have yet to do the math and realize what is taking place. Nothing in life is free and moves like these by our government will only make inflation worse and the economy struggle.

Of course, that is exactly what the Democrats are after. They want the economy to struggle, so you and I have to rely on the government for everything. They have been conditioning us for the past year as part of the pandemic. They want everyone to believe the government knows best and can provide the best for you.

This is not an infrastructure investment, it’s not an investment in America, Americans, or anything of the sort. It is the federal government of the United States taking more of the hard-earned money of Americans to pay for those who believe they deserve something. This is not Robin Hood and helping the oppressed. This is tyranny and a government that is robbing the American people.

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