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Meghan Markle branded ‘the antithesis’ of Kate as Duchess of Cambridge ‘puts in the work’ | Royal | News

Meghan and Kate‘s behaviour as members of the Royal Family has been compared by Ms Vine. According to the commentator, the Duchess of Cambridge is “all about show and not tell”.

Appearing on Mail+’s Palace Confidential, Ms Vine said: “She is the antithesis of Meghan. There are echoes of Philip in Kate.

“She is in it for the long game, she does not expect any immediate reward”

Speaking about the work behind the scenes done by Kate over the past 10 years, since she officially joined the Royal Family, Ms Vine continued: “She has very slowly but surely built up her reputation – not just with the family, I think, but also with the public.

“And she is all about the duty and all about the family and trying to do what’s best for everybody.

“I think it contrasts so starkly with this sort of ‘me me me’ thing that Harry and Meghan have got going on, where everything is about their emotions, all of the time.

“I don’t know what Kate’s emotions are, I don’t need to know what Kate’s emotions are.

“She is very good – she sort of shows just enough to show that she is human and a normal person, relatively speaking, but then she maintains this… I think she is quite good at managing that dynamic between being a public persona and being a real person, a mother with three kids who likes to take photographs.

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“She is all about show and not tell. She has really put in the work and I think that is starting to really pay off now.”

During the show, Ms Vine had previously criticised Meghan for the amount of information published in the press about the wreath the Duchess of Sussex sent to the funeral of Prince Philip.

The Duchess of Sussex did not release an official press statement detailing the choice of flowers for the custom wreath or where it had been bought. 


Meghan joined the Royal Family in May 2018 upon marrying Prince Harry after a whirlwind romance.

Months before she was made the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan said she had the intention to hit the ground running with her work as a royal.

A few months after their wedding, in January 2019, she was officially nominated patron of four organisations, an appointment followed by news she would become vice president of the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust.

During her months as a full-time working royal, Meghan completed several important projects, including working on Together, a cookbook by the Hubb Community Kitchen, creating a capsule collection for charity Smart Works and guest-editing the September edition of British Vogue in 2019.

However, Meghan had to relinquish the royal patronages passed on to her by the Queen upon leaving the Royal Family.

Meghan and Harry officially stepped down as senior royals in March 2020 and confirmed to the Queen in early 2021 they had no intention to resume their previous roles.

The Duchess of Sussex last saw other members of the Royal Family in person, including Kate, during the Commonwealth Day service in March 2020 at Westminster Abbey.

Under the advice of her doctor, the Duchess of Sussex did not return to the UK with Prince Harry in April to attend the funeral of Prince Philip.

Kate joined the Royal Family in April 2011, 10 years after she first met Prince William at the University of St Andrews.

The Duchess of Cambridge eased into royal life and duties as, for the first few years of their marriage, Prince William was not a full-time working royal as he was first in the RAF and later worked as a helicopter pilot.

Kate is the patron of 20 associations and has focused much of her royal work on mental health and the early years.

Since the beginning of the pandemic she has also stepped up her support to the NHS and frontline workers.

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