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India: Oxygen shortage leading to ‘havoc’ as India find TRIPLE mutant strain | World | News

Dr Rajeev Ranjan of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi told LBC this morning that oxygen shortages in India are causing “havoc” and that a new “triple mutant variant” called the West Bengal variant has appeared in the last few days. In a concerning call, he went on to explain the Indian government made the mistake of thinking “covid has gone” and were then caught unprepared following the latest surge which has seen 50,000 cases a day emerging. people started feeling relaxed.” His comments come as reports suggest a number of hospitals lack oxygen supplies for treating Covid patients with at least two hospitals in the capital Delhi said they were running out of oxygen, while a number of people are said to have died while waiting for new supplies to arrive.

The doc said: “The situation here is getting very pathetic [in] the last one-and-a-half weeks.

“No-one thought that Covid-19 would resurge in such a dramatic way and in such a bad way creating havoc all around.

“But as you can see every day the cases are increasing and adding more than 50,000 a day.”

He added how “last time the need for oxygen was around 20% but this time it has increased to around 50%” adding there is a “scarcity” of oxygen in India which has to provide for over 1.3 billion citizens as it tackles three new variants.

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The doctor said: “Nobody knew that there are three mutant variants: one is UK variant, Brazilian variant and South African variant.”

And in a worrying statement, he said how a new, supposedly “triple mutant variant” known as the “West Bengal variant” has been discovered in the last few days in India.

Dr Ranjan said: “All together this has caused a really panicking situation in India.”

The doctor went on to say how the Indian government are partly to blame for the situation as they “thought there may not be a resurgence and that covid has gone” which meant “people feeling relaxed.”

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And on Wednesday German Chancellor Angela Merkel told a meeting at the European Commission that India has become “too big” of a pharmaceutical producer as major concerns are rising in the bloc that they will not receive enough medicines as jabs are redirected in India to cope with rising infections.

She also branded the EU has not “treated” it’s pharmaceutical industry “so well” over the years and have relied on countries such as India to provide pharmaceuticals in recent years, including vaccines through the pandemic where it produces the two vaccines, including the AstraZeneca jab and is one of the worlds largest vaccine producers.

The German Chancellor took aim at India as it is engulfed in a massive second wave of covid despite India having exported an estimated 66 million doses to 94 countries as of April 22 through the Serum Institute of India according to India’s Ministry of External Affairs.

She demanded: “From the European side, in the expectation that this should then also be complied with, we expect it to honour its promises and if it can’t, we will have to rethink.”

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