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Labour Party news: Jeremy Corbyn suffers brutal backlash for crippling party | Politics | News

The Islington North MP was invited by LBC host Iain Dale to discuss Sir Keir Starmer’s first year as Leader of the Opposition. The veteran left-wing MP expressed sympathy with his successor and described leading the Labour Party as “not the easiest job” before going onto to criticise Sir Keir for not taking a tougher line against the Conservatives. But, Mr Corbyn’s response triggered a furious backlash online from people who blamed the former Labour leader for leaving his party in an “utter mess.”

Mr Corbyn told LBC’s Cross Questions: “Leading the Labour Party is not an easy job.”

The outspoken MP then went to call for Labour under Starmer to be more ‘assertive’ towards the Conservatives on the COVID-19 crisis.

This response triggered outrage on social media with one person writing: “Starmer has an uphill battle to recover for the utter mess Corbyn and his goons, Momentum, left.

“I suspect Labour will never recover from Corbyn.”

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