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Andrea Bocelli emotional tribute on idol Franco Corelli centenary ‘He ignited my passion’ | Music | Entertainment

Andrea added: “The superlative testimony of his example showed me the way to go, not to reach, but to get closer to his magnificent freedom in the management of the dynamics of sound.

“As a boy, I consumed his records. Years later I had the joy of becoming his pupil, establishing a relationship of mutual respect and, on my part, of real devotion.

“We are what we are able to give: the great Maestro Corelli, who remains alive in the heart of those who have heard his voice, also reminds us of this.” 

All those years ago, one aria in particular struck the child and has stayed with him ever since.

Andrea recalled the moment: “All of a sudden the orchestra introduced the recitative of the improvviso, Un dì, all’azzurro spazio, and finally a voice filled the pauses of the

orchestra. A large and extremely vibrant voice, brimming with feelings, filled with an indescribable pain that went straight to the heart.

Watch Franco Corelli and Andrea Bocelli sing l’improviso from Andrea Chenier below.

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