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The Elitist Mentality of the Bidens

By Jared Dyson

Charlotte, NC — It was just a few weeks ago that The Wall Street Journal ran an opinion piece that brought up a lot of controversy surrounding First Lady Jill Biden. Dr. Jill Biden, as she prefers to be called, has a doctoral degree in education, which is typically not referred to with the title of Doctor. It does happen, however, and The Wall Street Journal opinion writer took issue and shared thoughts about that.

That set off a firestorm of criticism online that many said that those on the right were being disrespectful of Jill Biden. The mainstream media rushed to her defense and to this day they make sure that they refer to her by the title of Dr. Jill Biden.

While you are not going to see me dive into the doctor controversy, I do see another controversy here that this very situation brings up. The Biden’s are elitists.

It was very easy to see soon after the Inauguration. As Press Secretary Jen Psaki took part in one of her first press briefings, she was asked about why President Joe Biden signed a mask mandate for all federal property but refused to follow it. Psaki brushed it off initially, saying that Biden was just celebrating.

She continued saying that Biden was sending a message, but that’s part of the problem. She was pressed more. She was asked why he was not setting an example, and she said his example was sending a message with the Executive Orders.

Then Psaki made a statement that really struck home. She said that there were bigger issues to worry about at this point in time.

No Title

Video of the exchange here.

Yes, we do. The President of the United States, who was openly critical of former President Donald Trump for not wearing a mask, refuses to follow his own executive order. He refuses to live like any other American citizen who would have to obey those rules at the national monuments, to live above the law.

It’s more than just the President, it’s throughout his family too. Images emerged on social media that showed many in the Biden family taking part in the event, with maskless photos.

No Title

The older Biden grandkids, plus Ashley Biden in a chic tux, take pictures at the Lincoln Memorial.

Now it was certainly acceptable that the President of the United States, who Democrats wanted to remind us is not above the law, lives above the law because he is a Democrat. Not just the President, but also his family. That’s not just setting an example, that’s showing that you believe you are better than Americans.

Of course, that is the Democratic mindset. That is what we have seen from Democrats across the country during the coronavirus pandemic as they issue mask mandates and orders, but refuse to follow them for their own family.

If Democrats wanted to hold President Donald Trump accountable for his actions, they must hold their won President accountable. The elitist mindset of the Biden’s cannot be tolerated. But it certainly helps you understand why Jill Biden insists on being called Dr. now doesn’t it?

Democrats Will Use Then Lose You

This week, the Democrats were back to their old antics as they used the National Guard to provide them protection in Washington, DC at the Inauguration. Not one single event happened that would have risked their safety, but they wanted them there nonetheless to provide protection.

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