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Joe Biden impeachment threat: Republican challenge launched within HOURS of new Presidency | World | News

The new 46th US President took the oath of office on Wednesday and quickly got to work after his predecessor Donald Trump left the White House. The Democrat has already put the pandemic at the top of his list of challenges he faces in his administration’s early days, including rebuilding a devastated economy and addressing racial injustice. But Mr Biden may be facing a bigger threat from his opposition in just hours of starting his new role. 

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said she has filed articles of impeachment against the new President. 

Posting a video on social media, she told her followers: “I’ve just filed articles of impeachment on president Joe Biden.

“We’ll see how this goes.”

Ms Greene has made no secret of her support for Mr Trump during his term as President. 

The congresswoman claimed that he lost the US election to Mr Biden due to voter fraud.

She was also recently blocked from using Twitter after the Capital attack on January 6 for violating the rules of use by minimising Mr Trump’s role in the violence, while also attacking Black Lives Matter protests last year.

She said: “He has held over 600 rallies in the last four years and none of them included assaulting police, destroying businesses or burning down cities.”

Ms Greene previously claimed that Mr Biden should be impeached for an alleged abuse of power.

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But Mr Biden has denied this and Republicans found no evidence of wrongdoing when the allegations were investigated last year.

Ms Greene won praise from Mr Trump, who called her a “future Republican star.”

Congressman Jason Crow denounced her views as “depraved” and “dangerous”.

He said: “There are, unfortunately, a handful of members of Congress — and Ms Taylor Green is just one of them — who are morally bankrupt.

“They are depraved, and they’re frankly dangerous individuals.”

Mr Biden’s early days in office could become bogged down in Congress, where the US Senate is considering how to proceed with the impeachment trial of Mr Trump.

The Democratic-controlled House of Representatives impeached Mr Trump last week for inciting an insurrection in the deadly rampage at the Capitol.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to send the article of impeachment to the Senate.

According to Senate rules, Mr Trump’s trial would start the day after the charge is sent over.

Mr Biden urged politicians not to let Mr Trump’s trial interfere with his legislative priorities and confirming his Cabinet.

But White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said today that Mr Biden would leave the mechanics of how to proceed up to the Senate.

She said the administration was confident the Senate could “do their constitutional duty while continuing to conduct the business of the American people”.


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