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Trump barred from 2024 run if special provision added to impeachment | World | News

Britain’s former Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch explained that though the ban was not automatic the impeachment could block Donald Trump from running for the Presidency again in 2024. He said the decision now rested with the US Senate as to whether a special amendment will be added to the outgoing President’s impeachment papers. He told ITV‘s Robert Peston that incoming Vice President Kamala Harris could provide the tie-breaking vote the Senate would need in order to ban Trump from running for office in the future.

Mr Darroch said: “It’s not automatic as I understand it, that being impeached, being convicted as it were, would rule out a Trump run for the Presidency in 2024

“But it would be up to the Senate if they then wanted to add that provision to the articles of impeachment.

“To do that, as I understand it, they would only need a simple majority for that to happen and of course post-inauguration it would be fifty-fifty Democrats and Republicans with Kamala Harris having the casting vote.

“So there is a Democrat majority in effect of one.”

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On Wednesday, Donald Trump became the first-ever US President to be impeached twice after the House of Representatives secured enough votes to charge him following the Washington riots.

Mr Trump was charged by the House for inciting an insurrection following the violent protests at the US Capitol last week.

The Senate is expected to hold a trial to establish whether Mr Trump is guilty of his charges and if he should be removed from office.

However, it is unlikely this will happen before President-elect Joe Biden takes office in a week’s time.

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Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader of the Senate, said he remains undecided on whether he’ll vote to convict President Trump.

Mr McConnell has urged Congress to spend the next seven days “completely focused on facilitating a safe inauguration”.

The earliest date a trial could begin is January 20, the day of President-elect Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

To start a trial any sooner, all 100 senators would have to vote in favour of ending the recess.

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