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Andrea Bocelli plays flute and sings Dolce è Sentire for Christmas Day concert – WATCH | Music | Entertainment

Despite these difficult times, Andrea Bocelli has managed to continue giving a series of live-streamed concerts throughout the year. Most recently, the Italian tenor performed on Christmas Day at Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi. Inside the beautiful building, the 62-year-old sang Dolce è Sentire (Fratello Sole Sorella Luna) from his new album Believe.

Below the official video, St Francis of Assisi’s poetry is quoted: “How sweet it is to know I’m no longer alone / but part of an immense life / that shines resplendent and generous around me / a gift from Him, from His immense love.”

An accompanying statement by Bocelli reads: “This sung prayer of Franciscan inspiration is a small masterpiece, set to a tune by my dear departed friend, Riz Ortolani.

“A piece that is intense and moving in its melodic simplicity, that speaks to the wonder of creation, referencing the Canticle of the Sun created eight centuries ago by the Holy poet of Assisi.

“And from Assisi, to the notes of Dolce Sentire, I hope that this music may be a balm for all your hearts, as well as offering the revolutionary force of the Christian message.”

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Speaking with in December, Bocelli shared what music his daughter Virginia has introduced him to.

He said: “She was an avid fan of Michael Jackson and then Ed Sheehan.

“She fell in love with the music of our friend Celine Dion and currently we are re-discovering Abba’s repertoire from Mamma Mia to Dancing Queen. 

“Virginia is also a fan of Lang Lang the piano player, and listens to him for hours, with a particular fondness for Paganini-Liszt’s The Bell.”

Asked if his son Matteo joins in when at home, Bocelli replied: “It happens a lot, yes. Matteo hasn’t been with us lately, as he has spent a few weeks working in Australia.

“He is just back and we’re definitely planning to make up for lost time.”

While on a possible family album, the 62-year-old replied: “It’s not a consideration at the moment. But.. never say never.”

Andrea Bocelli’s latest album believe is out now.

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