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Frexit news: Macron issued huge warning Frexit is entirely ‘possible and desirable’ | World | News

Brexit: Nigel Farage says there will be no EU in ten years

Britain fully left the EU at 11pm on New Year’s Eve after being tied to the bloc Single Market and Customs Union during the near year-long Brexit transition period between the two sides. This final move has sealed the UK’s departure from the EU, freeing the nation from Brussels’ rules and regulations to become its own independent country. M Macron has been hugely critical of Brexit since the historic referendum in 2016, frequently threatening to deadlock talks by voting down agreements if the terms did not adhere to their red lines.

But now huge pressure is building on the French President with the coined phrase Frexit – created to try and force France’s own exit from the EU – gathering significant pace on social media.

Charles-Henri Gallois, the President of Generation Frexit, the political movement set up in July 2020, hailed Britain following Brexit, adding he hopes 2021 “will allow the French people to also be able to express themselves democratically on our membership of the EU”.

He wrote on Twitter: “I wish you all a very happy new year 2021!

“I also wish my British friends a #MerryBrexmas!” including a British flag on the tweet.

frexit france emmanuel macron

Frexit news: Emmanuel Macron warned 2021 is the year for a French referendum on EU membership (Image: PA)

frexit france eu membership

Frexit news: Charles-Henri Gallois hailed Britain following Brexit (Image:

“I hope that this year 2021 will allow the French people to also be able to express themselves democratically on our membership of the EU!”

But M Gallois then ramped up his campaign for Frexit, praising Britain for taking back control and warning France’s departure from the EU is also “possible and desirable”

The Generation Frexit President posted a picture of Boris Johnson celebrating from Downing Street after sealing the post-Brexit trade deal with the EU, and wrote: “It’s UK Day 1 who took back control!

“Leaving the EU is possible and desirable!

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frexit brexit france

Frexit news: Charles-Henri Gallois said France’s departure from the EU is ‘possible and desirable’ (Image:

“Hopefully the same will happen soon in France!”

On Wednesday, Mr Johnson tweeted a picture of him signing the EU trade deal, accompanied with the post: “By signing this deal, we fulfil the sovereign wish of the British people to live under their own laws, made by their own elected Parliament.

Generation Frexit retweeted this picture and wrote: “The sovereign wish of a people to live according to its own laws: the United Kingdom is renewing this fundamental right that the European Union confiscated from them for too long.

“Let France be next and #TakeBackControl as well, leaving this harmful, paralysing and ruinous EU.”

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frexit emmanuel macron

Emmanuel Macron has been a vocal critic of Brexit (Image: Getty)

brexit boris johnson

Boris Johnson hails the UK’s departure from the EU (Image: Leon Neal/PA)

M Gallois retweeted the same picture from the Prime Minister, writing: “It’s done and effective tomorrow at midnight!

“The House of Commons approves the deal with 521 votes for and 73 against!

“They’re taking back control! #Brexit #TakeBackControl.”

Earlier in the day, the Generation Frexit President ramped up his campaign by tweeting: “If France is a democratic country, we must also give voice to the people about our EU membership.”

brexit timeline

The key moments that led to the UK’s departure from the EU (Image: Daily Express)

He also posted a link to the website, which warns that following Brexit, France’s contribution to the EU will increase by €5billion a year to €29billion, which is the “equivalent of 720 hospitals or 14,000 schools that will not be built”.

The website adds the “EU recovery plan” from the coronavirus pandemic will “bind France until 2058 and cost us dearly: €40 billion net.

“It is much more than if we had taken this loan directly on our own.

“Moreover, we will not have the free use of this money! It is the European Commission which will decide.”

“A fortiori when we know that the membership conditions have changed significantly since the vote on the Maastricht Treaty!”

The website also warns: “What is all this money going to be used for? The EU has been around for 27 years.

“It has already cost us hundreds of billions of euros. However, the situation in France has continued to deteriorate. With covid-19, we are now in full collapse.

“The time has therefore come to take stock of the European Union.

“We must vote by referendum on our membership of the European Union: respect for democracy and the future of the French people require it.”

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