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Former Reddit CEO Wants Trump SIlenced Online to Stop ‘A Coup’

The former head of Reddit says allowing President Donald Trump on social media is supporting “a coup.”

Ellen K. Pao, the Ex-CEO of the social media platform Reddit and founding member of Project Include Laura I. Gómez, also a former employee of Google, Youtube and Twitter, railed against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a recent article for continuing to allow the leader of the free world to be on Twitter. 

“Dear Jack,” the letter begins, “We’re embarrassed that it’s gotten to the point where we have to explicitly write this: Don’t support a coup. Donald Trump is attempting a coup. And he’s running it through Twitter.”

Yet, somehow, the letter gets worse from there. Pao and Gómez continued: “Yes, we know you’ve been flagging him, but flagging doesn’t help — it attracts more attention and more engagement. One flagged tweet has almost half a million likes and retweets. How many millions of people saw the tweet and believed it?” 

The letter included a screenshot of a Nov. 8 tweet in which Trump said, “We should look at the votes. We’re just beginning the tabulation stage. We should look at these allegations. We’re seeing a number of affidavits that there has been voter fraud. We have a history in this country of election problems. In Pennsylvania you had an order by a…” The tweet does continue into a thread, but Pao and Gómez’s letter only included the one screenshot. 

“Jack, you said leaders need to be held accountable. Is he still a leader when the election has been called? When his actions put the nation and the president-elect, at risk?” Ignoring the fact that Trump is still the president until at least January 2021, Pao and Gómez appear to have little concern for free speech. 

Pao has been intensely critical of Trump for years. In April, she tweeted “And now we can measure [Trump’s] failures in deaths.” Pao has also been lobbying Twitter to suspend Trump’s account since 2017.

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