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PIP points: How many PIP points do you need to get a Blue Badge? | Personal Finance | Finance

PIP payments are benefits from the Government intended solely for people who are disabled or severely ill. The money can go towards everyday life costs and is also available for people suffering from a mental health condition. PIP is available on top of Employment and Support Allowance and other benefits, and your income, savings and employment status don’t affect your eligibility for the benefit.

How many PIP points do you need to get a Blue Badge?

You can get a blue disability parking badge if you’re on PIP in some cases.

Claimants need to have scored more than eight points in the “moving around” area of their PIP assessment.

You also need to have scored 10 points in the “planning and following journeys” segment of the assessment.

If you were put in category E, which means your stress, anxiety or other mental health issues stop you from leaving the house, you’re also eligible for the blue badge.

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