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NEW NewsBusters Podcast: The Media 'Underperformed Expectations'

On the first post-election edition of the NewsBusters Podcast, executive editor Tim Graham has a strong point to make: to use their language, the media “underperformed expectations.” They have hammered Trump and the Republicans who dared to support him for four years, and they expected some kind of 40-state wipeout, and they ended up with a squeaker. They claim to support democracy, but they’ve spent the last four years trying to remove Trump from office. They look like the ones who can’t stand democracy. 

What happened to the polls? Trump supporters probably hang up on pollsters, or they avoid stating their support. Whatever it is, our “conventional wisdom” relies far too heavily on these rickety guesses. They lead to both sides of the divide feeling the system is rigged. What’s obviously rigged are these polls, trying to guess on a turnout model that doesn’t match reality. 

Deputy research director Geoffrey Dickens joins Tim in the studio to discuss election-night outrages, especially MSNBC host Joy Reid ranting she can’t trust the Supreme Court to rule on the election results, with “Uncle Clarence” and Amy Coney Barrett. Black conservatives are routinely and viciously mocked as “Uncle Toms” who are race traitors. Will there be any consequences for Reid? 

Enjoy below or wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

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