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Michigan vote chaos: Furious Republican challengers kicked out of count ‘stop the votes!’ | World | News

Large groups of people have been chanting and banging on the windows of the counting poll house in Michigan after being escorted out. This comes as Donald Trump’s campaign have filed a lawsuit in the US state calling for the counting to be halted until what they deem to be full access is allowed to observe the counting.

Sally Lockwood told Sky News: “It’s getting very intense here.

“There has been some chanting over the last few moments and there has also been some cheering as the poll watchers have been let out by police.

“The windows have been covered up by officials because there is a group of people outside the entrance to this hall where the counting is taking place who are not allowed in.

“They are pretty upset about it. It is very heated out there and some of them are banging on the windows.

“They are now covering up those windows so they can’t be seen either.

“Now there are complaints these poll watchers want to come in and observe the counting to be assured that everything is happening properly.”

While Democrat Joe Biden is seemingly winning, the race is too close to call with results from vital swing states yet to be counted.

But Mr Trump has already announced they will be filing a lawsuit in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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Mr Trump’s campaign is also demanding a recount in Wisconsin, another state where he is neck and neck with Mr Biden although the result has yet to be declared.

However Wisconsin’s elections chief has insisted the state’s electoral officials had followed the letter of the law and were now re-checking results after working through the night to count valid ballots.

Meagan Wolfe said: “Wisconsin’s counting and reporting of unofficial results has gone according to law.

“Today, the Wisconsin Elections Commission staff will be standing ready to assist clerks as they start the process of triple-checking the results.”

She said that process would include randomly selecting 5% of reporting units for voting equipment audits required before results can be certified on December 1.

Mr Trump also launched a legal bid to halt vote-counting in Pennsylvania after announcing a similar lawsuit in Michigan.

Deputy campaign manager Justin Clark said: “Bad things are happening in Pennsylvania.

“Democrats are scheming to disenfranchise and dilute Republican votes.

“President Trump and his team are fighting to put a stop to it.”

However, there is no evidence Democrats are attempting to “disenfranchise” Republican voters and Pennsylvania election officials continue to count valid ballots cast by election day.

The race for President of the United States is much closer in the crucial battleground of so-called swing states.

Leading up to the election, Mr Trump trailed behind Mr Biden in the national polls but that does not determine who sits in the White House.

It is the 538 members of the Electoral College who do this, the winner needs 270 votes in the college to become president.

Neither candidate has yet achieved the 270 electoral college votes necessary to win and counting was still under way in the states which will decide the outcome.

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