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Parents could be banned from seeing children if they live in different county in Tier rule | UK | News

Boris Johnson warned that more areas could move into higher tiers of emergency during the current coronavirus spike across the country. While holding a coronavirus presser, Mr Johnson took questions from the public on some of their concerns regarding the new rules. The Prime Minister was asked what parents should do if they do not live with their child but would regularly have contact with them. 

Christopher from Margate asked: “What is the Government’s guidance to single parents who have regular contact with their children who live in a different county?

“I live in Kent and my son lives in Essex, what should I do regarding contact if Essex or Kent were to be in a higher COVID alert level and the other remain at medium?”

Mr Johnson referrerd to the guidance of the Government website but said that there may be restrictions for single parents if the county they live in or are travelling to, to see their child, has greater restrictions that prevent households from mixing. 

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