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Donald Trump news: Manhattan New York protest sees flag cover BLM mural | World | News

Dozens of Trump fans congregated on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue on Wednesday afternoon for the event which had been organised on Facebook. Chanting ‘whose streets? Our streets!’ they draped a 75ft by 50ft flag reading ‘Trump: Law and Order’ over the mural.

Earlier this year New York Mayor Bill de Blasio arranged to have ‘Black Lives Matter’ written in giant yellow letters outside Mr Trump’s property.

The president described the new mural as a “symbol of hate”.

They later marched through Manhattan with the flag to Times Square.

Eric Trump, son of the President, praised the demonstrators on Twitter.

This sentiment was backed by another Trump supporter Mariano Labsaoy from Puerto Pico.

Referring to Mr Trump he said: “He has made America the best country on the face of the Earth.”

Democratic candidate Joe Biden is currently favourite to win next month’s presidential election defeating Mr Trump.

According to the latest Opinium/Guardian poll he is currently leading the president by 17 percent.

Separately a CNN poll put Mr Biden ahead by 16 percent.

On Twitter Mr Biden commented: “The election is already underway.

“Millions of Americans are voting.

“And they deserve to have their voices heard when it comes to who serves on the US Supreme Court.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic a record number of Americans are expected to vote by postal ballot.

President Trump has alleged, without providing evidence, that this process is being used to commit fraud against him.

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