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India vs Pakistan: Next attack could be on the horizon after major warning | World | News

Pakistan’s Air Force Marshal, Mujahid Anwar Khan, claimed India is planning an offensive in an attempt to spread conflict. He expressed his fears while speaking at the Centre for Aerospace and Security Studies in Pakistan.

Mr Khan said that Indian forces will come within 5 kilometres to prove their dominance in the air.

He added that India will attempt to inflect “conflict beyond Kashmir and at international border”.

The Air Marshal said: “I would imagine India offensive in 18-24 months.

“As it received a sizeable number meteor equipped Rafale from France.

“Only this time she will enter deeper than 5 kilometres and engage multiple targets to stamp its superiority in the aerospace domain.

“I imagine India’s willingness to spread the conflict in the air beyond Kashmir and possibly at the international border.”

Mr Khan’s statement comes just a few days after Indian Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria told a press conference about the induction of the new fighter jets.

India introduced the new Rafale jets into its Air Force earlier this month.

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“The emerging threat scenario in our neighbourhood and beyond mandates need to have a robust capability to fight across the entire spectrum of warfare.

“I can share with you with confidence that operationally, we are amongst the best.”

Mr Bhadauria also spoke about India’s ongoing standoff with China.

He said: “The talks towards disengagement, followed by de-escalation, are on. We hope that the talks will progress along the lines that are expected.”

Mr Bhadauria also insisted that the Indian Air Force is “well-positioned” for any conflict.

Last year, Pakistan said it shot down two Indian military jets in an attack over Kashmir.

The two sides both claim the whole of Kashmir as its territory but only control parts of it.

The aerial attacks across the border in Kashmir were the first since a war in 1971.

Last year, India formally divided the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two federally-administered territories.

It was part of a move to tighten India’s control over the part of Kashmir it controls.

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