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Brian May on Queen and Adam Lambert’s ‘secret dabbling’ with NEW material (EXCLUSIVE) | Music | Entertainment

Queen and Adam Lambert have finally released a record in Live Around The World this week. The live album is a sensational collection of Brian May, Roger Taylor and the singer’s concert highlights from the last few years of touring. But it also turns out that the band have flirted with recording some new material together.

Speaking exclusively with, Brian May sounded pretty positive about the idea of a Queen and Adam Lambert studio album with new material.

The 73-year-old said: “It’s always a possibility. We just haven’t done it yet.

“We have dabbled in the studio, I can reveal that. We did dabble privately, secretly, just to play about.

“And as of now it hasn’t turned into any product, but it’s always a possibility.”

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May said: “It was actually Roger’s idea to make it into a live album. So we dropped everything else.

“There were a number of other projects going on at the time.

“We drove our team nuts because they’re very overloaded most of the time anyway. They suddenly plunged into this thing.”

Putting Live Around The World together was a big job with all the visuals and sound mixing, but the rock legend says the band’s impressive team managed to get it done in just two weeks.

The Queen legend added: “The whole team really got behind it and delivered something so spectacular; I can’t believe how entertaining it is! It’s unique because of the audiences, of course. I’m surprised how well we play, to be honest.”

May also admitted that you can really see the chemistry between him, Taylor and Lambert in the Blu-ray and DVD version.

The 73-year-old said: “It’s very glued together. But it’s also very loose. Everything is very spontaneous. It’s rehearsed but it’s real and dangerous. This set is amazing. I personally love the DVD more than just sound, but you really get the feeling of being there.”

Queen and Adam Lambert’s live album, Live Around The World, is out now.

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