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What The? GMA Promotes Weird, ‘Three Parent Family’ Arrangements

Good Morning America seems to have a vested interest in destroying the traditional family unit. What craziness are they peddling this time? Oh just a possible new parenting trend called the “three parent family.” 

George Stephanopoulos introduced the ABC morning show segment called “The Rise of the Three Parent Family” on Friday, October 8. “Now to a new idea in parenting, the three parent family” the GMA co-anchor began, adding, “It’s a story we first saw in The Atlantic,  Becky Worley spoke with a trio that’s making it work.”

“Making it work,” huh? Stephanopoulos sure knows about making unorthodox family dynamics. This summer his wife, Ali Wentworth went on record to say that she would watch porn with her daughters in order to educate them about it. 

But enough about good ol’ George. Becky Worley segued into her report with a cheesy joke excusing the outlandish three parent family: “Sometimes parenting makes me feel like I need six arms to get everything done.” Oh we see where this one’s going. “Well one family in my town – here in California [where else?] – decided to break the traditional family mold, and legally bring more than two people into the busy process of raising a child,” the correspondent claimed.

Worley went on to describe this new “modern family” (ABC loves referring to these unnatural situations as such) as being composed of one man, one woman, their biological child and one “asexual” man who really wants to help them raise that child. What on earth?

Worley stated, “Tavi is a happy, healthy three year-old and now, meet her mom, her dad, and her other dad.” Again, not every member of this throuple is involved with the others sexually. Biological mom and dad are romantic with each other, whereas the second dad is an asexual male who apparently wanted to raise a kid so bad that he’s borrowing someone else’s. Yeah, it’s probably weirder than some strange three-way when you really think about it.

Worley explained, “Mom and Daddy Zeke are a married couple; Dada – David – though has no biological tie to Tavi and is not romantically involved with either of his co-parents, or with anyone for that matter.” 

“I identify as asexual and I always have,” said parent number three, David Jay. Asexual is the new age nomenclature for someone who claims to not have a drive for any sexual activity. Jay explained that he had “thought about the single parent route, and it’s so much easier to not be doing it alone.” Ah, so Jay’s the glorified babysitter who doesn’t have to deal with all the responsibilities of being a single parent or dealing with a monogamous relationship.

Sounds like he gets his cake and gets to eat it too. Too bad Tavi’s the one who is screwed out of the normal, stable family dynamic. 

The three parents explained to Worley how they came up with this insane agreement. Jay claimed, “We spent about five years just practicing being a committed part of one another’s lives, before we ever raised the topic of kids.” Wow this really takes the concept of BFF to a whole new level. It’s too strange to contemplate. 

The GMA correspondent reported that Jay had legally adopted his partner’s biological kid when she was “18 months old.” Now the co-parents “split chores, a joint bank account for certain expenses, and even bought a house together.”

According to the report, three parent households are actually legal in “Maine, Washington, California, Rhode Island and Vermont.” “Chosen Family Law Center” executive director Diana Adams told GMA viewers that three parent families are legal in said states for the sake of “protecting children from having those parental relationships removed.”

Oh, OK, well if someone’s son is attached each of the twelve women in his Dad’s harem does that mean that situation should be protected? That’s pretty messed up, Good Morning America.

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