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US Election for All: Kamala Harris blasts Mike Pence – ‘I’m speaking and let me finish’ | World | News

The two opponents butted heads on a number of issues ranging from tax to climate change. On the issue of tax, Mr Pence accused Mr Biden if wanting to raise taxes on US citizens.

In doing so, he interrupted opponent Kamala Harris, who said: “I’m speaking, and let me finish.”

She insisted Mr Biden would only raise taxes on those earning over $400,000 per year.

Ms Harris said: “The truth and the fact is, Joe Biden has been very clear, he will not raise taxes on anybody who makes less than $400,000 a year.”

On this, Mr Pence interrupted, stating: “He said he’s going to repeal the Trump tax cuts!”

Ms Harris shot back with: “Mr Vice president, I’m speaking.”

Mr Pence continued regardless. He said: “The important issue is the truth! That was tax cuts that gave the avergage working family $2000 in a tax break every single year. That’s the math.”

Mrs Harris called the claims “not true”.

She went on to insist the Democratic opponent would also not end fracking.

She said: “Joe Biden will not end fracking, he has been very clear about that.”

Mr Pence scoffed and shook his head at that claim, for which Ms Harris shot him a look.

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