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You can deck out your Switch Pokemon-style with these Hori accessories

If you’ve got pokémon on the brain with the imminent release of Pokémon Sword and Shield’s next expansion, Hori’s got lots of good-looking accessories on the way to help you deck out your Nintendo Switch with the beloved pocket monsters, including carrying cases, skins for your Switch Lite, and even themed versions of Hori’s Split Pad Pro grip controller.

Here’s a picture of all of them in one place, as shared by Hori on Twitter:

Unfortunately, if you’ve now set your heart on buying some of the new accessories, you can’t actually do that just yet. Hori’s tweet says that pre-orders are coming “holiday 2020,” so hopefully that means they’ll kick off soon. If you want to start planning which fit your budget now, Hori’s online storefront does at least list prices.

If you absolutely must buy some pokémon merch in the meantime, there’s a lot to browse through on the Pokémon Center website. The store even has Halloween-themed items right now, such as this Gengar candy bowl and plushies of pokémon dressed up as other pokémon. Adorable!

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