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Scare-Mongering Morning Joe: Drug-Addled Trump Has Nuke Codes!

Dust off the Daisy ad! Looks like the liberal media is launching an attack on President Trump similar to the one run against Barry Goldwater in 1964: that his control of the “nuclear codes” threatens the world!

On today’s Morning Joe, JoeScarborough was “seriously” suggesting that Trump’s decision to suspend talks on a new stimulus package was “the steroids talking.”  It soon transitioned to Scarborough asking Kasie Hunt whether she’s heard from Republicans worried about Trump, given the virus-treatment drugs he’s been taking, and if they’re “concerned about a president acting irrationally with the nuclear codes?” 


Hunt said she didn’t have to speculate, because a  New York Times article has reported that some in administration have [anonymously of course] expressed concerns. On Monday, the Los Angeles Times was hyping the Mayo Clinic noting “Corticosteroid-induced psychiatric disturbances are common,” and side effects could include “mania, depression, psychotic or mixed affective states, cognitive deficits, and minor psychiatric disturbances (irritability, insomnia, anxiety, labile mood).”

Hunt ominously added that the fact that Joint Chiefs are quarantining “adds a layer of concern.”

This is far from the first time that the liberal media has fretted over President Trump’s control of the nuclear codes. But they are obviously reveling in the opportunity to speculate about how the president’s treatment for COVID might be impacting his decision-making.

The rest of us wonder if it would be easier to make the case that Scarborough spends too much of his televised time appearing to have “mania, depression, psychotic or mixed affective states, and cognitive deficits” when he’s fulminating about the president. 

Morning Joe’s scare-mongering about President Trump controlling the nuclear codes was sponsored in part by 
Safelite, USAA, Shark Vacuums, and Sleep Number.

Here’s the transcript.

Morning Joe
6:18 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Perhaps it was the steroids talking, and, I’m not joking, actually. Perhaps it was the steroids talking . . . Studies have shown that one-out-of-three patients, COVID patients, have impaired mental capabilities for quite some time 
. . .   This mix of steroids and other treatments, and there’s one warning after another on all those drugs that it could cause mental impairment. 

. . . 

CAROL LEE: The whole cocktail of drugs that the president has been taking, raising the question of whether or not that has some sort of impact on his decision-making.

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH: [sighs] I just wonder, because I think any doctor that understands the impact of COVID on the mental health of patients . . . the drugs that he’s taken, with the steroids that he’s on —

MIKA BRZEZINSKI:  — He’s on dexamethasone

SCARBOROUGH: Have you heard any discussion from Republican staffers, off-the-record from Republican legislators, from any Republicans in Washington, DC, that they are at least concerned about a president acting irrationally with the nuclear codes?

Not, not that: let me restate that. That the president who has the nuclear codes, that, that they are concerned about a president in this mental state being able to run the country?

. . . 

KASIE HUNT: I don’t think I have to speculate, Joe. The New York Times has reported that there are White House officials who are concerned about the president’s current, current, mental status because of the drugs that he’s taken . . . With the Joint Chiefs quarantining, that adds a layer of concern to this that is particularly problematic, Joe.




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