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Gaslighting: GMA Dismisses Clinton Collusion Plot as Nonsense Trump 'Twitter Spree’

Wednesday on Good Morning America, ABC  dismissed the newly declassified CIA documents showing Hillary Clinton’s 2016 collusion plot, and mocked the president for tweeting about it. 

White House correspondent Cecilia Vega only alluded to the bombshell by way of President Trump’s tweets. Trump sent out several tweets about the newly declassified CIA documents released by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe Tuesday showing that U.S. intelligence officials had briefed President Obama in 2016 about Hillary Clinton’s plot to frame Donald Trump as colluding with Russia. The story was covered extensively by Fox News last night but ignored by the networks.

While still refusing to inform viewers of this important story, ABC’s Vega played dumb and instead mocked the president as craving attention by sending out nonsense tweets about “Hillary and Russia.” Lead anchor and Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos joined in on the deception as the pair gushed over Joe Biden lecturing the president:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Yeah he was all over the map and it was part of this–this tweet storm. About 40 tweets he sent out in a 2-hour period on all kinds of subjects!” 

VEGA: Yeah as you said, all over the map and by our count over the course of the day, 65 some odd tweets everything from Hillary Clinton to Russia, blasting his own FDA, now, you know, we’ve covered this president for a long time, he’s someone who craves the spotlight. He is in isolation that, could be at play here but George, Joe Biden responded by telling the president, ‘Get off Twitter.’

STEPHANOPOULOS: ‘Get off Twitter,’ that was late last night.

The gaslighting happened at the end of Vega’s report touting Democrats and bashing President Trump’s handling of another coronavirus stimulus package (click expand):

VEGA: There inside the White House and in isolation the President also sending shock waves through the economy using Twitter to announce he  abruptly ended talks with Democrats on an economic stimulus bill meant to deliver much needed aid to Americans struggling in the pandemic. The market immediately tanking. President Trump accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of not negotiating in good faith. Pelosi fired right back saying clearly the White House is in complete disarray. 

Now, President Trump said they wants his party to focus on approving Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court rather than the stimulus but this abrupt move angered even some in his own party. Alaska’s Susan Maine [sic] called it a huge mistake. The president’s position however became more confusing overnight as he suggested that he would be willing to sign a bill that would provide another round of checks to Americans struggling during this pandemic, but, George, Democrats have said they don’t want to do this in a piecemeal way. They’re looking to do a broader deal so we’re a little bit of a standoff on where we stand… 

 Vega hid the news from viewers during her 8am report as well:

VEGA: Now, while he’s there in isolation at the White House the president also abruptly killed negotiations on Capitol Hill for another economic stimulus package. It happened on Twitter, part of an all over the map Twitter spree, 65 we counted just yesterday alone of those tweets from Russia to Hillary Clinton. The president, George, is saying that he wants Republicans to focus on approving Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court instead.

According to Fox News, Clinton’s spokesperson Nick Merrill called the report “baseless b———t,” so looks like ABC is doing its part to further the cover-up.

ABC gaslighting viewers to protect Democrats was paid for by Comcast. You can contact them by following the Conservatives Fight Back page linked.

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