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Prince William’s secret meeting with Joe Biden exposed: ‘Closed to press’ | Royal | News

Former Vice-President Joe Biden is currently battling it out with the incumbent President, Donald Trump, in the run up to the November election. The Democratic candidate was the right-hand man to Mr Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, and so was able to meet the Royal Family on a handful of occasions over his eight years in the Oval Office. The Royal Family — especially those high up the hierarchy, such as William — are expected to remain completely apolitical.

As part of the constitutional monarchy, expressing political views could compromise the Firm’s effectiveness as representatives of the whole nation.

Still, the Duke of Cambridge has shown his interest in other areas such as climate change and conservation.

He even featured in an ITV documentary called ‘Prince William — A Planet for Us All’ this week, which targeted conservation efforts.

However, some do see these matters as having a political edge, especially as pro-environment policies have been incorporated into high-profile manifestos, such as Mr Biden’s for the 2020 election.

When William visited the Oval Office back in 2014, he met the then-President Barack Obama and made a speech at the World Bank in opposition to illegal wildlife trafficking.

His chat with Mr Obama was caught on camera at the time — unlike his meeting with Mr Biden.

He told Mr Obama: “I remember when George was born, I forgot to work out whether it was a boy or a girl.

“The excitement of the event and everything else was just chaos. You are suddenly… well, actually it’s a boy.”

William then glanced around the room, and joked: “You’ve got pretty much every member of the press in here, haven’t you?”

This sentiment may have had a knock-on effect for William’s next meeting with Mr Biden as it was conducted in greater privacy.

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Due to his strong Irish roots, he may be more likely to give the EU priority in trade deals after Brexit, rather than the UK.

Yet, Mr Biden’s meeting with the Duke of Cambridge was not seen to be as monumental as his encounter with the then-President back in 2014.

The Mail explained that William’s audience was seen as “groundbreaking” because of his position as the second-in-line to the crown.

This means he may not ascend the throne for decades.

US Presidents normally meet the current sovereigns or the immediate heirs to the throne — in this case, Prince Charles.

The White House explained: “The President and Duke of Cambridge discussed the long and special relationship between the UK and the US.

“In addition, the Duke of Cambridge briefed the President on his initiative to combat the illegal wildlife trade, an issue to which the President and this administration are strongly committed.”

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