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Elvis Presley: Graceland upstairs MISCHIEF ‘It was like living with Peter Pan’ says cousin | Music | Entertainment

Elvis Presley’s Graceland upstairs is shrouded in much mystery as one of the off-limits areas to the public. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise though given that it was The King’s private space. Nevertheless, Elvis’s cousin Billy Smith and wife Jo have shared some fun anecdotes of time up there with the star.

The couple appeared on their son Danny’s Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel to share some stories.

Jo Smith remembered one time when they stayed over upstairs at Graceland.

She said: “We went to bed and were staying in Lisa [Marie]’s room and Elvis and Linda [Thompson] were in his room.

“We’d already gone to bed and were just getting ready to make it night when we heard this knock at the door.”

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And in the end, the two couples drove all the way down to Hernando, Mississippi, some 19 miles south of Graceland.

This was at around 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning and when they got there they got off and went back to Memphis on the Expressway.

Jo said: “And [then we] went to his room and probably talked until daylight!

“That’s the kind of fun things that we did that anybody else would have thought was boring.”

She added: “Except that it was with Elvis. You never knew what to expect.

“Like I’ve always said, it was like living with Peter Pan.

“You never had to grow up!

Billy joked: “I always liked him when he was in that the green pointy hat.”

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