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China vs India: PM publicly shames Beijing in SCATHING UN speech | World | News

Narendra Modi, appearing by video to the assembly, is believed to have hit out at Beijing in his remarks, as he spoke about India’s relations with other countries. The Prime Minister also addressed the international response to the coronavirus pandemic, with India seeing the second highest cases from the virus around the world.

Mr Modi’s alleged shots at China came as he touted India’s willingness to cooperate with other countries.

The Prime Minister said India “has always thought about the interests of the whole humankind and not about its own vested interests”.

Mr Modi added India is committed “to maintain the relevance of this great institution” and said: “Any gesture of friendship by India towards one country is not directed against any third country.

“When India strengthens its development partnership, it is not with any mala fide intent of making the partner country dependent or hapless.”

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His comments came after China and India have seen deadly disputes across the Line of Actual Control this year.

In June, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in hand-to-hand combat with Chinese forces in the Galwan Valley, Ladakh.

Following the border clash, both India and China have escalated military drills along the LAC.

In recent weeks, the two countries have accused each other’s armies of sending forces across disputed borders.

Mr Modi also used his assembly speech to savage the UN for not doing more to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “The whole world is fighting the global pandemic of Corona for the last 8-9 months.

“Where is the United Nations in this joint fight against the pandemic? Where is its effective response?”

The Prime Minister then called for urgent reform of the UN, and attacked the international body for not allowing India into the Security Council, of which China is a member.

Mr Modi attacked the UN for not allowing the second most-populated country in the world in “the decision-making structures” of the international body.

He added: “When we were strong, we did not trouble the world; when we were weak, we did not become a burden on the world.

“How long would a country have to wait particularly when the changes happening in that country affect a large part of the world?”

Mr Modi also called for India to become part of the UN’s Security Council, as he claims his country is “the biggest democracy in the world”.

India will take a two-year seat on the Security Council as a non-permanent member in January next year.

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