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Pura delivers eco-friendly nappies after plastic-free wipes success | City & Business | Finance

Co-founders Abi and Guy Fennell are now forecasting an £8 million first year turnover for their Cheshire-based business that trades directly, offering both subscriptions and individual sales for its British-made products.

Some 90 per of wipes sold in the UK contain plastic that lasts for centuries in landfill or the oceans. Careless disposal also meant they were a key contributor to the notorious sewer-blocking fatberg in London 2017.

That was the spur for the couple, new parents who invested £6 million of proceeds from previous wholesale businesses, to develop a formula for the new wipes (from 3p each) that are made from sustainable plant fibres and come with flushable and non-flushable options.

“We had been planning Pura for a while as the right, democratic legacy for the future, where eco and affordability go together,” says Guy.

“Lockdown has without doubt highlighted people’s increasing environmental concerns. Our sales rose 55 percent in just a month.”

Made from organic cotton and with a plant fibre top sheet, the nappies will be produced with green electricity and recyclable packaging.

Pura is also working with recycling company Nappicycle to enable the maximum number of its disposable products are repurposed, for example in new construction materials.

Plans for the company include expanding its team of 21, moving into Europe and further green product development.

“No disposable nappy gives 100 percent performance with no environmental impact,” says Abi, “but we’re working on it.”

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