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PIP: Does Carer’s Allowance affect PIP payment? | Personal Finance | Finance

If you have a long-term health condition or disability, you may be able to claim extra money from the Government in the form of a Personal Independence Payment (PIP). If you are aged 16 or over, and have not yet reached State Pension age, you could be eligible for a payment between £23.60 and £151.40 per week.

Who is eligible for Carer’s Allowance?

People who care for another person for at least 35 hours a week may be entitled to Carer’s Allowance.

However to be eligible for the benefit, the person being cared for must get certain benefits.

If the person being cared for claims the daily living component of PIP, their carer may be eligible for Carer’s Allowance.

A carer may also be able to access other help and services if the person they care for claims PIP.

If the person being cared for doesn’t claim the daily living component of PIP, claiming other benefits may also make their carer eligible for Carer’s Allowance.

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“PIP may also entitle you and/or your carer to further help with council tax.”

According to Citizens Advice, if you get PIP you may also be eligible for extra money on other benefits you are claiming.

This is called a top-up or a premium, and may apply to Housing Benefit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Working Tax Credit, Employment and Support Allowance and Pension Credit.

You can use a benefits calculator to work out how your benefits will be affected by claiming PIP or Carer’s Allowance.

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