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St Louis protests: Missouri National Guard activiated as 200 people block bridge | World | News

Local reports from the scene estimate roughly 200 people are currently blocking a road outside a police headquarters in the city for a vigil.

In addition, a number of others can be seen holding a candlelit vigil in the middle of Highway 40.

Footage shows protest leaders chanting with a megaphone as crowds demonstrate around them.

One person can be seen holding up a sign on which is painted: “Stop killing us”.

The protests appear peaceful at the time of writing. Last night, two police officers were shot in the city amid continuing unrest.

Michael Parson, governor of the state of Missouri, yesterday signed an executive order declaring a state of emergency there.

In addition, the order calls the state’s National Guard into service – though local news outlet St. Louis Today claims the move is a “precautionary measure”.

The document states: “I further order … the Adjutant General of the State of Missouri, or his designee, to forthwith call into active service such portions of the organised militia as he deems necessary to aid the executive officials of Missouri, to protect life and property”.

It also allows the commanding officer of any unit to employ “such equipment as may be necessary” to support “civilian authorities”.


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