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Falklands news: Campaigners risk FURY by creating ‘seat for Malvinas’ in state assembly | World | News

The idea is the brainchild of the Malvinizadora Union (UMA), a pressure group which relentlessly pushes ‘s sovereignty claim over the remote archipelago, currently a British overseas territory. is a province in the far south of Argentina, which is closest to the – although they are still 400 miles from its eastern coast.

Organiser Luciano Moreno told the NOTITDIF website the seat would serve no purpose other than the draw attention to his nation’s claim over the islands.

He said: “Our province has jurisdiction over the islands and that, by transitive ownership, its population, once the full exercise of sovereignty is recovered, must be effectively integrated, socially and institutionally.

“For this reason, the creation of a symbolic seat is in itself a message to the inhabitants of the islands and to the world of our desire to have jurisdiction over the islands and give their inhabitants the same rights that our residents have.

Alberto Fernandez

Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina (Image: GETTY)

Military jet Falkland Islands

A military jet takes off from the Falkland Islands (Image: GETTY)

“It also clarifies that it is a seat that will not be occupied and whose sole purpose will be to draw the attention of the world, that this place belongs to our nation and over which our province has jurisdiction.”

Mr Moreno said the allocation of the seat did not grant any right to the residents on the Falklands – stressing the right to sit in it depended on “decolonisation” of the islands.

Speaking last year, Mr Moreno also presented three proposals to the legislature “related to the illegitimate exploration and exploitation of our hydrocarbon resources”, a reference to oil exploration projects by UK companies.

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Alberto Fernandez

Alberto Fernandez with vice-president Cristina Kirchner (Image: GETTY)

He told NOTITDF: “Our concern is profound as we are close to completing a year of this consultation so harmful to our country, without knowing in what state this colonial activity is, and without knowing clearly what the position of the national government is when respect.

“From now on, it is evident that the forceful non-pronunciation of disagreement, rejection and/or repudiation of this colonial activity is a very functional element in the interest of the British metropolis and its enclave in our territory, at the same time as it is extremely damaging for our national interests.

“It is also worrying not to know which are the instruments that have been developed, or the formal claims made – if they were made – so that the violation of the power that only the Argentine state has to establish taxes on the national jurisdiction, as well as to denounce this unilateral activity on the part of the colony, in favor of the metropolis (United Kingdom).”

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Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are a British overseas territory (Image: GETTY)

Fishing boats Falklands

Fishing boats close to Stanley, the capital of the Falklands (Image: GETTY)

The Falkland Islands, located in the south Atlantic has a population of just 3,200 people.

Speaking last year, Richard Hyslop, the territory’s UK Representative, told “The Falkland Islands are proud to be a member of the British family.

“When we had our referendum in 2013 we voted by 99.8 percent to remain British and that’s not up for question.


Falklands facts and figures (Image: Express)

“That’s the set will of the people and that’s something we really discussed – we are British.”

Current UK Government policy dictates there will be no change unless Falkland Islanders wish to switch – something which appears unlikely.

Argentina’s President, Alberto Fernandez, has been keen to put the question of sovereignty back on the agenda since his election last year.

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are 400 miles from Argentina (Image: GETTY)

Mr Fernandez has declared the issue to be a “matter of state” and is due to raise it during his speech to the 75th general assembly of the United Nations today.

Speaking earlier this year he declared: “The usurpation of Malvinas is a bleeding wound.”

(Additional reporting by Maria Ortega)

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