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A5 traffic latest: A5 closed as police respond to ‘DEADLY’ incident in Maida Vale | UK | News

POLICE attended a scene in Maida Vale in the early hours of this morning to reports of someone acting suspiciously.

Reports from the scene claim someone had poured “petrol” at the entrace of a residential building.

Police confirmed a “spillage” to, adding there had been one arrest.

There were also claims of a ‘gas leak’ and an injury in the area, though police confirmed neither of these claims were true.

The situation has now been resolved, police said, though the road remains closed at the time of writing.

It is unclear when the road will reopen. However, live traffic data shows the road around the area are clear.

A social media user at the scene snapped photos of emergency vehicles attending Maida Vale’s Tolgase House earlier tonight, including at least two fire engines.

The user said: “Apparently petrol poured at the entrance! Emergency services have been here for hours with Killburn High Road closed.”

In other news, police arrested a man yesterday afternoon after he snatched a woman’s mobile phone out of her hand whilst riding past on a moped.

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The arrest was made as part of the Met’s Operation Venice, in which offiercs aim to crack down on moped crime.

Sergeant Tony McGovern said: “Operation Venice officers can scramble to any part of London to stop, detain and arrest those who use mopeds, scooters and motorbikes to commit crimes in a matter of minutes.”

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